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Speaking engagements

Brian speaks regularly around the country to both military and civilian organizations. Topics include his written works, but also other aspects of aviation and air power. He has also appeared on podcasts and various blogs.

He is a regular contributor at the air power blog, Balloons to Drones:

Use the Contact tab to get in touch.


USAF and College Talks

Brian has spoken at air force bases colleges all over the country including Maxwell, Langley, Robins, and Tinker AFB. He has spoken at his Alma Mater The Citadel and is always interested in hearing from you if you want him to come and speak to your organization.

Local Talks

Brian has spoken at the Colorado Springs Rocky Mountain Military Affairs Society, the Pikes Peak Posse of the Westerners, and to International visitors with the Colorado Springs World Affairs Council at the U.S. Olympic Museum.

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